2015 Best School & Best Designers!

After an amazing weekend of mind blowing talent and excitement on the runway, the results are in.

F.I.T. won best overall school.

Haley Byfield won Best Designer for F.I.T.*

Annie Meng won Best Designer for Parsons.


Congratulations to all and thank you for supporting young talent & Fusion Fashion Show!

*Note: Haley Byfield is only the third female that has won Best Designer from F.I.T. and the first in seven years! Both of these young women took home the honor of best designer on International Women’s Day!

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Fusion Fun Facts 2015

Fusion Fun Facts 2015…

→ Haley Byfield is only the third female that has won Best Designer from F.I.T. and the first in seven years!

→ Annie Meng used candy necklaces and suckers as accessories, as did the winner of Best Designer in 2001! (They must be good luck!)

→ Fusion 2015 is the highest attended Fusion in history!

→ F.I.T. has won 5 of the past 7 years and now leads Parsons in overall wins by 2.

→ More winning Best Designers have come from the middle of the lineup than any other section.

→ Designers don’t choose their own music.

Fusion 2016 is going to be epic.



Fusion 2015 will be held at the Parsons University Center, 63 5th Avenue (at 13th street).


F.I.T. – Wednesday, February 11th, 12 pm – 6 pm, Building C lobby
F.I.T. – Wednesday, February 18th, 12 pm – 2 pm, Building C lobby
PARSONS – Thursday, February 12th, 12 pm – 6 pm, 2 W. 13th st. lobby
PARSONS – Wednesday, February 18th, 3 pm – 6 pm, 2 W. 13th st. lobby

**ALL SHOWS SOLD OUT! To be put on a waitlist for tickets, email fusionfashionshow@yahoo.com**
Saturday, March 7th, 5:00 pm & 8:00 pm
Sunday, March 8th, 2:00 pm & 6:00 pm
Fusion 2015 Ticket FAQ’s:

Can anyone attend Fusion? YES! This means your brother, best friend, sister, momma, neighbor, one night stand, coworker, crush, and anyone else you can think of.

Are all the shows the same? Yes, except the last show has judges in attendance and we announce Best Overall School.

What if someone under the age of 18 doesn’t have a I.D.? That’s fine. As long as they are with someone who does, it will be okay.

Are tickets refundable? No, but if you can’t attend, you can sell your ticket to someone else. You would need to email the name change to fusionfashionshow@yahoo.com. Failing to do this will result in the person you sold your ticket to NOT being able to get in.

Can I switch my ticket to a different day or showtime? No. Each show has a limited number of tickets and we aren’t able to switch times and dates.

What if I lost the “ticket” I received when I purchased? Those aren’t tickets, they are just reminders. You gain entry into Fusion by the name you gave when you purchased. Everyone’s correct name needs to be on the list to get in. You don’t need that reminder slip of paper.

Is seating first come, first served? Yes. We will start letting people in about 30 minutes before showtime. Everyone will get a seat.

Can I take pictures? Yes! We love it! But you should know that Fusion is allowed to use them for publicity, so if you have some good ones, please send them our way!

Is Fusion on Twitter? Yes! Post your pictures and thoughts with the hashtag #Fusion2015

Is there a limit to the number of tickets I can buy? No. Just be sure to have everyone’s first and last name when you are buying the tickets. For groups of 20 or more, contact Jimmy at fusionfashionshow@yahoo.com.

Is there a coat check? No

Is the venue handicap accessible? Yes. Seating is limited, so contact Jimmy at fusionfashionshow@yahoo.com if you need special accommodations.

Will I have fun? Yes! Be loud. Be crazy. And be in awe of the talent.


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Opening Fusion 2015…

Joshua Homic

Graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Joshua Homic launched his namesake RTW label HOMIC in 2014. With a concentration on pattern making, HOMIC combines geometric forms and unique textiles to create unisex silhouettes that convey a androgynous lifestyle. Our philosophy is dictated by aesthetic utility; we believe garments reflect a human passion to evolve. HOMIC garments are more than a monetary value, they represent the potential of change.


Madison Li (contact)

Madison’s collection is inspired by contemporary architectural home. The juxtaposition between architectural details like exterior rendering, cladding, ventilation, windows, and interior softness and nakedness is core to bring out the feeling of being sheltered, cocooned, and comfortable while looking fresh and effortless.
unnamed (1)

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Fusion 2015 Designers Announced!

The Fusion 2015 Designers have been announced! In honor of our 16th year (our Sweet 16), we have chosen 16 designers to represent each school this year! That’s 32 amazing collections you’ll get to see on the runway.

Parsons The New School For Design

Sydney Loew
Marissa Petturuti
Jared Ellner
Beate Karlsson
Gemma In Nei Hoi
Kekoa Iskandar
Annie Meng
Jeremyn Lee
Qi Wang
Isabella Bravo
Rhea Goyal
Aviva Xue
Arthur Morisset
Elina Yuanjun Guan
Shikun Liu
Lyazzat Utepova

The Fashion Institute of Technology

Lauren Barkley
Pei-Yin Yeh
Julianna Trujillo
Hannah Lajba
Lilly Reynolds
Sieun Hwang
Lindy Fox
Kevin Kim
Julia Cork
Kelly Kuhl
Ron Ramos
Aaron Rosa
Haley Byfield
Aly Reinert
Doosan Baek
Heegyum Kim

Fusion 2015 Volunteers

Kerianne Meehan
Grace Insogna
Madeline Beallor
Laurel Yau
Lanique Peterson
Mihoko Matsumoto
Sadie Bell
Adele Kikuchi
Jennifer Dai
Norah Murphy
Nicky Campbell
Elena Lizza
Shana Sanichar
Helena Yang
Allison Pinz
Vicky Bateman



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