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Wow. I just had a meeting with the designers and got my first look at some of the collections. They are so beautiful and thoughtful and I couldn’t be prouder. I really enjoyed this past meeting. There were a lot of smiles, hugs, and conversations. It seems like we are really coming together as a group, which I always look forward to. It puts the competition on the back burner and puts creativity and friendships first. It always takes awhile to get there, but we always DO get there.

It seems as if Fusion is entering a new era. For the first time, it seems as if we might have a few sponsors. Mood fabric has always been on our side, our biggest fan, and we love them. Now it seems others may have caught on and we are talking with a few companies. It is to be seen whether is all pans out, but at least this year we are really extending ourselves and getting the recognition these designers so deserve.

Ticket sales are coming up and I’m so excited to see the turn out. Right now, the designers have a certain number of tickets to sell, but many of them are already asking for more! We don’t give them more, but it just goes to show how in demand this show has become.

Around this time, after I first get a glimpse of the talented collections, I always, always, always get a gut feeling on who I think will win. I have been wrong only once in 8 years and this year that feeling just hasn’t come yet. Fret not, it will, but it seems my instinct is having a tough time calling it this year. But, no matter, I would never share it with anyone anyway. You be the judge.

As it gets closer to craziness, I always forget a few things. I’d like to take this time to thank Mood Fabric (sponsor), Ellen Wagner (music), Sayed Saber (tickets), Michelle Larsen (website), Richard Lowe (coordinator), Annie Lim (coordinator), Joe Hosking (advisor), Eileen Karp (advisor), Rob Mango (assistant), all our models, and the designers. It’s almost here.

– Jimmy


Author: Michelle Christina

Designer, writer, Brooklyn baby.

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