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Bigger and Better.

We say it every year and mean it. Each year since Fusion began 9 years ago it has gotten, well, bigger and better. It always grows by a small margin and we always improve on things, but this year all I can say is wow. We have grown in ways I couldn’t even imagined. Let’s look at numbers. As as right now, our Fusion facebook group has 932 members. F.I.T. was on target with about 90 students attending the information meetings. Parsons, which previously had recorded a best of 90 students attending, shattered their record with 223 attending the information meetings. I have received over 71 emails from students from both schools requesting applications, which is by far the most I’ve ever received. And, OSTN and Mood are back as our official sponsors and contributing funds and dvd’s and fabric to participants. I’m blown away.

There are many people to give “shout outs” to, but no one deserves it as much as Joe Hosking, our Parsons adviser. He has been on board since day one and this year reached out to all students who qualify for the show via email. He is a huge supporter of the show, of talent, and for me. Also making huge strides at Parsons is our Parsons coordinator, Yinan Xia, who has been one of biggest Fusion fans and is now leading the designer pack.

At F.I.T., Heather Berkowe, a former Fusion designer twice over, is doing her job and doing it well as the F.I.T. coordinator. Her passion, knowledge, and belief in what Fusion stands for is evident and I thank her for all that she does.

This year, we have an Assistant Director in Michelle Larsen, also a former Fusion designer (F.I.T.) and our webmaster. I always look for someone who is as excited about the show as much as I am for this position and Michelle is. She is going to do great things to make this show, well, bigger and better.

We are all so excited at the level of interest this year and truly believe it will be one of the best experiences for those who participate at both schools. Former fusioners have always told me that being a part of this show was the highlight of their college careers. To prove this I must tell you that SEVEN designers from last year attended the information meetings this year wanting to reapply. Another record. Another testament to the experience this kind of competition provides.

I am so excited to see the applications submitted. I have no doubt we will receive the greatest talent both schools have to offer. Right now, Fusioners from years past are designing their own lines, heading labels like Bill Blass, are being featured in magazines, and are editors of fashion magazines. The industry finally knows who we are and they, the people who have made this show what it is, deserve it.

Bigger and Better. It has a whole new meaning this year.

– Jimmy


Author: Michelle Christina

Designer, writer, Brooklyn baby.

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  1. How do I get tickets? Thank You!

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