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So, I know you always hear me talk about the designers who have gone on to do quite well after Fusion, but here are some fun facts that I got to thinking about while looking over the website…


1. In all the press I do, I say it’s Fusion’s 11th year, but when you look at the website there’s already been 11 shows. That’s because, Fusion’s first year the show wasn’t called Fusion, it was called “Wearable Art.” David Yassky, a good friend of mine and one of our judges for this year’s show, suggested the name Fusion to me because we brought the two schools together.

2. If F.I.T. wins this year, they will have evened the score at 6 wins for each school. This is after they lost the first three competitions!

3. Out of the 11 Best Designer winners at F.I.T., only two have been female!

4. In the 12 years the show has taken place, only once has a judge not showed up… We won’t give away their name though.

5. Fusion has had 3 former contestants appear on Project Runway, with the best showing by Jillian Lewis making it to the final three on Season 4, the same year Christian Soriano won.

6. Tim Gunn judged Fusion for the first 3 years it existed and then went on to be a part of Project Runway!

7. The second year Fusion took place, we weren’t prepared for the crowds and the line stretched out the midtown campus building and down 7th avenue, colliding with the musical RENT’s line, which created confusion.

8. Finally, the first two years Fusion existed, I had to beg designers at both schools to do the show. We only had 10 applicants from each school express interest and there were 20 designers who showcased 3 outfits each.

Well, that was fun for me. Can’t wait to see you all.



Author: Michelle Christina

Designer, writer, Brooklyn baby.

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