Ann Woodson Stone

Parsons Sophomore

Hometown: Columbia, Missouri

Age: 20


What is fashion to you? Fashion is a social process that maps the patterns of growth and change in a society over time. Our world is made up of systems that are constantly working together, shaped by history, but innovated for the future; the same goes for fashion. Fashion is progressive and purposeful and there is power in understanding it. Fashion is Power.

Fusion Collection: “Classic Modernity” — Classic modernity refers to a new form of classicism that stresses the importance of spiritual and social harmony through the fusion of classic silhouettes and modern relevance. This culturally relevant collection aims to reshape the way that we view individuals in power positions. At the forefront of women’s liberation, there was a shift away from aspects of design that embraced femininity, and stereotypes of power were born. This collection will redefine the elements of a classic suit in order to instead embrace the beauty and the power of the individual.

What does Fusion mean to you? Everyone holds power in their ability to create, but it is what we chose to do with that power that makes all of the difference. As artists and designers, we are trendsetters of industry and advocates of change, therefore, it is our job to create, innovate, and push boundaries in powerful ways, together, through the fusion of ideas.

Luke Duchart

Parsons Freshman

Hometown: Augusta, Maine

Age: 19


What is fashion to you? Fashion is a never ending art form. It is the most tactile and visually appealing juxtaposition in the arts.

Fusion Collection: Futuristic Grunge – Fashion has an up-and-coming trend on grunge. This collection ties the past and the future together: The Renaissance and the Grunge Era. Both time periods have similar aspects, which has inspired the collection. The dark tone color palette of black, white, and grey with blue and red velvet details add the twist of both era’s. Clean lines and hard edges complete the futuristic dimension of the collection.

What does Fusion mean to you? Fusion has always showed the most innovative and outstanding designers at Parsons. I want to express my ideas and concepts to everyone just as past designers have done. I love to inspire others with my ideas just as much as others inspire me.

Yina Hwang

Parsons Sophomore

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Age: 20


What is fashion to you? To me, fashion is a compass that helps me discover my true identity. It allows me to find who I really am, and it helps me build a stronger ego. When I dress up, I see myself in a mirror, and I tell myself, “this is me.” It allows me to express who I am to people without a word. Fashion is another form of communication, as well as a language, allowing me to tell a story to people. We show our fashion to others before we show them our business card. Even without verbal communication it expresses who I am, and what makes me, me.

Fusion Collection: The Octopus Collection – While I pondered deeply about the concept of this collection, I was drawn to a childhood memory of an octopus. In my hometown, South Korea, people believe that you will be healthy if you eat certain foods-such as octopus, chicken, eel. Ever since I was three years old, my dad always fed me octopus. I have a strong recollection of this memory. The thought of my dad in my childhood always follows with a memory of an octopus. The last day with my dad before I left home for college, he brought me some boiled sashimi octopus. He was watching me eating it without a word. For the first time I asked him why he always fed me octopus. He smiled.

My dad’s parents passed away when he was young and when they were alive, they fed him octopus just like my dad did to me. He wanted to give the love that he felt from his parents to me. Perhaps because of that, octopus, to me, is not just an ordinary animal, or food, but it is something that makes me feel nostalgic of the love I feel from my dad, and the beautiful childhood memories that come with it. So through this collection, I want to express, “love, nostalgia, and childhood” through my designs. I got the inspiration from the silhouette of an octopus and I used patches for my designs, which was inspired by the tentacles.

What does Fusion mean to you? Fusion is an important challenge for me because I believe that it is an opportunity to strengthen my knowledge and skills as a designer. I want to tell a story to people through my five garments in the show. I want to tell people who I am. I believe that Fusion 2016 will be my first step to experiencing the true reality of the fashion world, giving myself a glimpse of what my future career and life has in its path for me. I believe after my participation in Fusion I will have grown and changed as a designer and as a person.

James Chapman

Parsons Junior

Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida

Age: 21


What is fashion to you? Fashion is a fully immersive experience. I use fashion as a way to tell a story, and as an art form. It can be used as a historical artifact or reference, as a means of communication, as protection, to convey a message or idea, and above all, art. Fashion is used to express a certain emotion or state of being at a specific time.

Fusion Collection: “Cells Consuming” shows the progression from the first deformed or altered cell in a body to the altered cells consuming the body resulting in death. Certain abnormalities cause a cell to grow and divide more rapidly and to continue to live when normal cells would die. Over time, these abnormal cells can crowd out healthy cells resulting in cancer. This collection follows the stages of cancer beginning with stage zero and ending with stage four.

Stage zero cancers are still located in the place they started, and have not yet spread to nearby tissues. At this stage the cancer is highly curable. Stage one cancer is usually a small cancer or tumor that has not grown deeply into nearby tissues. Stage two and three cancers indicate larger cancers that have spread deeper into nearby tissues. They may have also spread to lymph nodes, but not other regions of the body.

Finally, Stage four cancer means the cancer has spread to other organs or parts of the body. This is the most advanced stage of cancer and is very difficult to cure. Most people today know at least one person who has died from some form of cancer, and it can be a very tragic and life altering event.

What does Fusion mean to you? Fusion is an opportunity to showcase my art and express my artistic voice for the public. This competition is an amazing chance to network with like-minded people and grow as a designer. Fusion pushes you to be the best designer and innovator possible. I am thrilled to have this chance to represent Parsons School of Design.

Ruchika Kabra

Parsons, AAS Fashion Design, 1st semester

Hometown: Hyderabad, India

Age: 28


What is fashion to you? Fashion is a way of living. It helps me express and reinvent myself every day. Fashion in general is just not about clothes, it is more about everything one does. It is not necessarily following the trend but also setting one of your own. It all originates from some idea in one’s imagination.

Fusion Collection: Silk in its raw form is called ECRU; ecru combine with gold and silver threads creates a magical fabric. This textile art as applied to fashion occupies the major portion of my work. The design of silk clothing has required great aesthetic vision and sensitivity of perception. This is because the pattern, cut and volume of a silk garment- whether worn by a man or woman- will condition the way its colors shimmer and shift in response to light and movement.

The collection is all about silk used in its natural form. To add to the royal touch are crystals, which coordinate well with the sheen of silk, presenting a collection of exclusive garments; “The Royal Ecru”, to be put on by a royal as she cements a fashion moment.

What does Fusion mean to you? Fusion is not simply about mere competition, but it is a great platform for aspiring designers to showcase imagination in reality. I want to be a part of it to face the challenges and learn various skills while I build my collection and proudly present my ideas to the world. I aspire to be the liaison between the hand loom industry and global fashion market so that people around the globe recognize the importance it deserves.

I would like Fusion to be a steppingstone for me. It will be my first opportunity in New York to communicate with the attendees of the show via my designs and garments, which will give me immense satisfaction. I look forward to be able to add diversity in the competition.

Kate Walz

Parsons Freshman

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Age: 18


What is fashion to you? Fashion is a form of 3-D art. It is fundamentally wearable sculpture that has the possibility to voice your character.

Fusion Collection: This collection is inspired by the horror of losing someone to themselves, and the reimaged character created when they’re gone. It haunts me to live with the remembrance of peers that have taken their own lives, and this unfortunately occupies much of my thoughts. Never fully able to grasp what they were, I imagine what they would be now: an illusion. I began writing down the versions of their characters that existed in reality and compared them to the ones that lived inside my head. I took direct quotes from my own writing that were repeated over and over throughout different stages of grieving, and incorporated them into the designs.

I want viewers to see a glimpse into the world they created for me. I juxtapose innocent fragility with cold structure to capture my transition from an ignorant child, to one that now slightly understands the pain of reality a bit more, and distort the figure to express my lack of memory for what the characters originally were. Since being at Parsons, I have met many students that have been affected by suicide in different ways.

I want to present this collection in hopes that they will find comfort in my discomfort and be able to reflect on their personal experiences. Titled, “self portrait”, this collection is a piece of the pain I endured and my reaction, as I feel self portraits are one of the most vulnerable, raw, self reflective, and eye opening tasks to accomplish.

What does Fusion mean to you? Fusion is a preview into the minds of ambitious artists. It is an opportunity for me to showcase my work alongside talented designers from around the world that share my passion.

Monica Lou Wright

Parsons Junior

Hometown: Williston, Vermont

Age: 20


What is fashion to you? Fashion has always served as an outlet for communication through artistic expression and creativity. As designers, we have the opportunity of developing fashion into all different contexts of design, using it as a tool for problem solving or as a personal statement.

Fusion Collection: I have titled my collection “Vagabond.” Vagabond used as an adjective to encompass my collection means, “having no settled home.” My collection is based upon my time spent living in Vermont and the idea of home shaping ones identity. I use memories of time spent outdoors and my relationship with nature as a gateway for reinterpreting my original perspective of Vermont and renewed appreciation for it’s natural qualities. I want to evoke the contrasted feelings of restlessness and amity. As a result, these are themes that I have applied to my design of women’s ready to wear collection for autumn/winter 16’.

What does Fusion mean to you? Fusion is the opportunity for students to experience fashion in the most authentic environment and constructs—putting to good use organizational skills and time management. When applying I viewed it also as an opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded peers who share similar aspirations.

Jared Ellner

Parsons Sophomore

Hometown: Westfield, New Jersey

Age: 19


What is fashion to you? To me, fashion is my voice.

Fusion collection: “Memorial” – Beginning from the inspiration of Lois Lowry’s The Giver, my collection focuses around the concept of memory. Each fabric is handmade using only one blue and one red bottle of ink concentrate. Using different combinations of ink, techniques of application, and neoprene (a synthetic highly porous fabric that does not hold dye), each textile is reactivated when water is applied to it. After the textile is finished, they still change and evolve when reapplied with water, making each textile almost alive.

Like a memory, the textiles are fluid, constantly changing, and mature with time. Each print attempts to translate something as abstract as memory into a tangible piece of fabric. It mimics not only the visual associations we hold with memory, but captures the characteristics of a memory as well. The clothing itself is meant to cocoon. Memories for me are emotional, consuming, and extremely personal. For this reason, the clothing both hugs and bubbles around the body, using curved lines to mimic the faint softness of the textiles.

Memorial deals with the intricacy of memory, and the understanding of how it relates to shaping the future, complicating the present, and the past. This collection is about the raw emotions memories bring to the surface, and the process of working through and improving.

What does fusion mean to you? For me, Fusion is about growth. It’s about progressing, pushing forward, and putting your voice out there.

Cindy Wu

Parsons Sophomore

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

Age: 19


What is fashion to you? Fashion is an indispensable component of my life.

Fusion Collection: Components – A garment is normally constructed with different components (collar, cuff and etc.) and I try to break through this ordinary concept. Each of my designs only has one component and each “component” focuses not on a small section, but the garment as a whole. My collection places attention on the details of fashion, which are usually ignored yet are very imperative because components create the whole.

What does Fusion mean to you? Fusion offers me the valuable chance to see new ideas of fashion design and gives me opportunities to learn from other fellow talented designers.

Tom Nguyen

Parsons Junior

Hometown: Vung Tau City, Vietnam

Age: 23


What is fashion to you? After attending the University of Texas for economics, I realized I never want to look at another statistic again. Instead, I choose to pursue my dream of becoming a designer who can define today’s modern and powerful women.

Fusion Collection: MILF – It is an explicit phenomena, a virtuous-aged women tainted with enticement of a guilty pleasure. Perhaps the sinful temptation derives from a lack of variety or neglect from her spouse. Longing stares from young men suddenly awaken a dormant, youthful drive within the soul of a dilapidated woman. Similarly to the ascending waves of the ocean, her sex drive now propels at full force towards the shore. This collection is representing the sexual tension that an older woman experiences and to showcase the explicit relationship between her and a figure of youth.

What does Fusion mean to you? Although Fusion is a competition, I personally feel it also brings together families and friends to universally appreciate the variety of work. Also, the show allows each selected designer to present their best work to the public, which undoubtedly opens the door for many future opportunities.

Daniel Levi

Parsons Sophomore

Hometown: Tel Aviv, Israel

Age: 25


What is fashion to you? Fashion is much more profound than just ‘pretty things’. For me, fashion is a door to a world of fantasy. It embodies emotions, feelings, perspectives, history, and culture. As beauty’s voice, fashion is a disobedient servant, which constantly challenges beauty’s limitations. I am in awe of its beauty and compelling visual, which constantly define and defy the human form, inciting a ‘gasping for air ‘ kind of rush. As a creator of fashion, I can redefine beauty according to my own perceptions.

Fusion Collection: Mindful Captive – The surreal artist, Max Ernest and his painting “The Antipope,” are my inspirations for my collection. This painting carries an elegantly eerie intensity. Different from Ernest’s intention, my interpretation of it is an internal battle between different faces of the self. The different characters represent the complexity of the mysterious human mind.

What does Fusion mean to you? As I see it, Fusion is a real-world experience in fashion, which I am excited to engage in. It is a place where talented designers meet together to present their ideas, perceptions, and style. This is my chance to show who I am as a designer, hone my skills, learn from others, and share my point of view.

Joshua Gerard Mudgett

Parsons Freshman

Hometown: Pembroke, New Hampshire

Age: 22


What is fashion to you? Fashion is everything I rebel against as a designer, and is the greatest enemy of style. Fashion tells you that you simply MUST wear bellbottom jeans this fall because everybody is wearing them. Style says, “I don’t care what everybody wears, this is how I see myself most beautifully.” I design to create my most beautiful, experienced and thoughtful pieces of wearable artwork. I design to stitch and hook, pleat and bead my imagination into a new, modern interpretation of couture — not to please the industry.

Fusion Collection: “Queen of Peace” – My collection is a continuation of my efforts to establish my own voice as a designer by mixing modern technologies with Haute Couture techniques and traditions.
The collection is inspired by “Ecstasy of Saint Teresa” by Bernini. The color story as well as the silhouette and detailing tell the story of a saintly woman being pulled into ecstasy and death simultaneously by the love and beauty of God. Each piece is inspired by a different element of the sculpture. Hand drawn stencils and silhouettes from the sculpture have been laser cut into many of the pieces, accentuated by beautiful gold rays extending throughout each garment. It is deceivingly complex and immortally beautiful.

What does Fusion mean to you? Fusion is an opportunity to showcase my work like never before. I have worked my whole life to perfect the trade I am studying and yearn for any chance to show the world what I can do.

Snezhana Paderina

Parsons Sophomore

Hometown: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Age: 25


What is fashion to you? Fashion is the way to implement innovation into people’s daily life. Fashion is a reflection of the latest cultural and social events but at the same time it is a glimpse into the future.

Fusion Collection: “Triangulation Is Fine” is a collection that combines classic feminine silhouettes with an avant-garde approach. I programmed an algorithm based on the mathematical Delaunay triangulation that creates fascinating 3D shapes that I’m using for a fabric print. Besides an array of geometrical pieces, one of my looks will introduce my muse, a 3D modeled platinum cyborg-girl. My collection embodies the use of technology and formal science in fashion, demonstrating how diverse fashion can be, and how technology complements fashion.

What does Fusion mean to you? Fusion is a rare opportunity to have the thrilling experience of a fashion show with a great team of passionate artists. It is extremely motivational!

Rio Kimura

Parsons, AAS Fashion Design, 1st semester

Hometown: Ikoma, Nara, Japan

Age: 24


What is fashion to you? Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a person who gives positive influence. I receive pleasure from sharing my positivity with others. While I have struggled to find my place for some time, I finally discovered that it is fashion industry.

Fashion is also my means of making a positive impact on the world by using my creativity and imagination. Ever since I decided to pursue fashion design, every single cell of my body radiates passion, energy, and love. This is simply the best feeling I have ever had because of fashion’s effects on me. Fashion brings out my honesty, lets me be free, and makes me feel alive.

Fusion Collection: “Bushido Collection” – Above all, my culture values the importance of the life we are given. There is a phrase called “Bushido 武士道 ” which means the life of the warrior. This is modern term, but it applies to the Samurai warriors and their way of life. There are eight elements in Bushido.

I. 義 – Justice
II. 勇気 – Bravery
III. 仁 – Mercy
IV. 礼儀 – Politeness
V. 誠実 – Honesty/Sincerity
VI. 名誉 – Honor (*Bushido honors death specifically)
VII. 忠義 – Loyalty
VIII. 克己 – Character and Self-Control

I specifically want to focus on “honor of death,” “loyalty,” and “ bravery” from the elements because my father passed away 9 years ago when I was 15. His death made me become more responsible, made me realize the importance of life, and be thankful for all of opportunities that I have been given. He will live in my heart forever, and I want to honor his death. My loyalty to him keeps myself humbled, honest, and ambitious all the time. Samurai armor and “Hakama” inspired my collection.

I liked the idea of layering multiple pieces to create something to wear, and I used this idea for my collection. Furthermore, “Hakama” is what men used to wear everyday. This is similar to “Kimono” and the structure is very similar as well. I like the characteristic large and loose sleeves because they allow audiences to see traditional Japanese looks. I will be using white, black, blue, and red for my collection.

· Blue signifies “忠義 – Loyalty

· Black and White signifies Death

· Red signifies “力 – Power,” “情熱 – Passion,” “決意 and Determination,” and it is the color that honors my country.

o “力 – Power” represents the power of the Samurai.

o “情熱 – Passion” represents my passion for my life.

o “決意 – Determination” represents my determination to succeed as a fashion designer.

Only men were Samurais. Therefore, the concept of Bushido was applied to men. In today’s society, women are gaining more power than before, and I can see that very clearly. I will support this change by making a women’s collection that exhibits “勇気 – Bravery.”

What does fusion mean to you? Fusion is the biggest opportunity that I have received in my life so far. Through the experience of participating in Fusion, I expect that I will be receiving many valuable critiques that will help me grow as a fashion designer. Participating in Fusion will allow me to prepare myself for many challenging things to come. I believe these things are very important. As a very ambitious individual, I will build a great deal of confidence and ambition from participating in Fusion Fashion Show.


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