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Haley Byfield: Best Designer, F.I.T.

Haley Byfield: Best Designer at the winning school, F.I.T. Photos by Ryan Duffin.

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Fusion 2015 Designers Announced!

The Fusion 2015 Designers have been announced! In honor of our 16th year (our Sweet 16), we have chosen 16 designers to represent each school this year! That’s 32 amazing collections you’ll get to see on the runway.

Parsons The New School For Design

Sydney Loew
Marissa Petturuti
Jared Ellner
Beate Karlsson
Gemma In Nei Hoi
Kekoa Iskandar
Annie Meng
Jeremyn Lee
Qi Wang
Isabella Bravo
Rhea Goyal
Aviva Xue
Arthur Morisset
Elina Yuanjun Guan
Shikun Liu
Lyazzat Utepova

The Fashion Institute of Technology

Lauren Barkley
Pei-Yin Yeh
Julianna Trujillo
Hannah Lajba
Lilly Reynolds
Sieun Hwang
Lindy Fox
Kevin Kim
Julia Cork
Kelly Kuhl
Ron Ramos
Aaron Rosa
Haley Byfield
Aly Reinert
Doosan Baek
Heegyum Kim

Fusion 2015 Volunteers

Kerianne Meehan
Grace Insogna
Madeline Beallor
Laurel Yau
Lanique Peterson
Mihoko Matsumoto
Sadie Bell
Adele Kikuchi
Jennifer Dai
Norah Murphy
Nicky Campbell
Elena Lizza
Shana Sanichar
Helena Yang
Allison Pinz
Vicky Bateman


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The show was a hit! From the opening collections of last year’s winners Rachel Nachmias and Kooan Okawa to the brilliant concepts of F.I.T. and Parsons, this was one of Fusion’s best years (to me, it was the best.) The talent was exceptional, the designs were fresh, fun, and thoughtful and the friendships/memories made will last a lifetime.

Congratulations to F.I.T. for taking the Fusion crown back. It was well deserved. Congratulations also goes to Parsons for making this one of the closest Fusions in recent memory.

Atsuko Yagi, Best Designer from Parsons, showcased her talent with innovative, yet wearable animal/creature inspired outfits while Madalyn Conforti, Best Designer from F.I.T. wowed the crowed with beautifully tailored creations. Madalyn also became the first female from F.I.T. to win the award in the 8 years of Fusion.

The show was magic and I couldn’t be more proud of the all those who participated in Fusion. Annie Lim and Richard Lowe, the coordinators, did a fantastic job, and Michelle Larsen really did so much with the website.

I’m already looking forward to next year.

– Jimmy

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A little over month to go. This is when I start getting excited about the upcoming talent we are about to see blossom right before our very eyes. If I’m this excited already, I can imagine how the designers are feeling. I remember back in Fusion’s first years when I still lived in Loeb Hall, a residence hall at Parsons. It’s all I could talk about with the designers and Fusion consumed us all day every single day. Seriously, it ate up every second of each day and it tasted good.

Right now, Annie and Richard, our Fusion coordinators, are checking in with the designers to make sure everyone is on track and things are looking (and tasting) good.

Ticket sale dates have been set and let me give those of you who take the time to read this blog, which I’m guessing isn’t many, a tip. Fusion sells out and usually very fast. Last year, I was walking on F.I.T.’s campus to begin selling tickets. I was going to meet one of our designers in front of the building and as I walked up I saw a line wrapped around the room and creep out the building. I walked up to the designer and asked what people were waiting in line for? Was a band coming to play? Were the elevators in the lobby broke? She laughed and said “Jimmy, it’s for Fusion.” Never had we received a response like that and I was pleasantly floored. F.I.T. came out in such force and with heavy support and, trust me, I will be better prepared for it this year. Anyway, we sold out of Fusion in 2 days and I suspect it will be even faster this year. I have already received requests for 150 tickets.

This year, I’m excited to say that a local fashion high school is bringing some of their students to see the show. I’m thrilled. Fusion is about young talent and giving designers a taste of something that in all reality they may never taste again. Don’t get me wrong, I want each and every one of them to go on to be the next Donna Karan, but the odds aren’t in our favor. But, maybe we can prove them wrong.

As I write this, I’m starting to get the butterflies of yester-years. I hope you, too, let Fusion consume you. Go ahead, let it eat you up. After all these years, our taste is still good, maybe better.

– Jimmy